Welcome to Sockey Beta

A Multiplayer online soccer game experience where you can team-up with your friends and challenge other teams.

Play with your friends!

Multiplayer Online-Local avaiable for free with gamepad support

Amazing power-ups!

Show your opponents how creative you are, with amazing power-ups that will turn the tide of the match

Have fun and meet new friends!

Communicate with other players through the in-game chat

Sockey FAQ

1)If you can't log-in,check if your browser is supported here SupportedBrowsers (*Safari not currently supported).

2)If you can't connect to any room check if you have a public IP, the game uses a P2P connection for multiplayer online so you need to have a public IP in order to play online(contact your ISP and they should give you a free public IP).

3)Smartphones not supported yet(we will add smartphone support in the near future stay tuned).

4)If you experience lag spikes, it means that your internet connection or the internet connection of the room's host isn't stable.

Featured Videos

  • trailer

    SOCKEY (Beta trailer)

    Watch the first game trailer!

  • trailer

    SOCKEY (Beta gameplay)

    Watch the first gameplay!

Team Members


Luigi Sannino

Game Developer


Valerio Volpe

Graphic Designer